How to take care of The Million Roses®

Updated 4 months ago by Peter Botyanszki

The Million Roses® require minimal care to last up to three years. 

Here are a few tips to keep the roses looking and thriving at their best: 

  • Keep the roses in a cool and dry place, away from excess heat.
  • Ideal temperature is 60-75 degree Fahrenheit. Ideal humidity is 50-70%. (Under 50% please use a humidifier to avoid drying out of roses.)
  • Petals are very delicate so please avoid touching them. Be sure to use soft/sensitive duster for cleaning.
  • Roses should NOT be watered!
  • Roses should NOT be removed from the boxed arrangements.
  • Long stem roses should be taken out of shipping box and placed in a vase. Stems can be cut to size if desired. Because the petals are very delicate, we suggest to keep them in same vase for the entire lifetime.

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